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      ADD:Room 701, #8 Building, Bojinwan Beiyuan, Taierzhuang Road, Tianjin, ChinaTEL:+86-18622194621 E-MAIL:golden@fancyco.com

      2004 Fancyco was established as a golden supplier in Alibaba

      2005 It was a significant turning point. We have our factory

      2010 'Toptac' 'OTAC' trademark has been registered 

      2015 Success enter Nigeria and Uganda market, and Set up no. 1 brand of the sticker paper and hygiene products in these countries

      2018 We never stop moving!!Looking forward to building and possessing a wonderful future with you!

      fancyco development history.jpg

      Copyright ? Fancyco All Rights Reserved.
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