US President Trump Also Bought Our Bible Pack
Apr 09, 2019

AGAPE(Love of truth) + PASS(propagation) = AGAPASS : A gift from God.

GOD (God)+ Pass ( propagation)= GODPASS : Pass God's love all the world.

Design concept: "AGAPE" is a kind of love from God. It is enduring patience and kindness. It does not seek its own benefits, does not count people's evils, does not easily anger; does not like injustice, only likes truth; everything Tolerance, everything believes, everything is hoped, everything is patient. Different from the love of love between men and women, it is terminated at any time as the human heart changes. APAGE emphasizes altruism, self-denial love, and the love of truth, and there is no beginning, no end, and love never stops.

And "PASS" means the English word "propagation, transmission". Each of us is the main body of "AGAPE" eternal love, with the fire of the stars, igniting the flame and passing on the warmth.


"AGAPE" (Love of Truth) + "PASS" (propagation)is AGAPASS.

Our LOGO, a blooming dandelion, is the beginning of maturity. Each of us is the seed of such a small dandelion. After growing up in "AGAPE", we will bring the love we have received, and drift to the guiding place with the wind, where we will take root and make new ones. Seeds that spread farther into the distance.

"GOD" (God) + "PASS" (propagation) is GODPASS

Each of our products will be prayed at the beginning of the design. With God's touch, we can make touching products. I hope these products can bring strength to the inner limbs in the hardship! Bring this power through the love of God. Handed down! Pass God's love all the world.


We want everyone who sees AGAPASS and GODPASS to feel [Oh! It turns out that we are loved like this]

I also want you to send out every AGAPASS and GODPASS, they are expressing [Oh! I love you so much】 

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