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      Equipment & QC
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      ADD:Room 701, #8 Building, Bojinwan Beiyuan, Taierzhuang Road, Tianjin, ChinaTEL:+86-18622194621 E-MAIL:golden@fancyco.com

      Flexo Print System,Rotogravure Print System,Heidelberg Offset Print System,David-Standard Lamination System,HL Lamination System,SWISS LF-IV700/CH Flame Sealing System,Full-Automatic Dia-Cutting System,Slitting Machine,Intelligent QC Machine,DH IMAVISION QC,Automatic Packing & Delivery System



      Our laboratory has a professional inspection staff,guarantee to offering client qualified products based on advanced testing equipments .All staff passed the test of national inspection qualification or industry qualification examination.Company invest millions amount to purchase advanced QC equipments,including Melt Flow Speed Indicator,Ink Friction Indicator,American Aglient Gas Chromatogram Instrument,Moisture Meter,American X-Rite Spectrophotometer and so on.These advanced equipments and high standard QC system guaranteed company a safety way on continues products innovation and development.


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